Clean Your Closets {Organization Challenge Day 12}

Welcome to day 12 of the challenge!  If you’ve missed any of the challenge so far, that’s ok – you can catch up anytime.  You can access the master list of all the challenges in this post here.

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Today is bedroom closet organization! Whether you are going to work on your own or your child’s – or both! Go ahead and grab those boxes you created on Day 1, you will definitely need them today. Now get ready to purge!

I try to give my closet a good clean/purge once every season. One of the reasons is that we don’t have a very large closet so trying to fit both my husbands clothes and my own in it is a struggle for sure. I like to put clothes away that we’re not using for that particular season in big plastic bins and then we store them in our basement. This clears up so much valuable space in our closet!

I also try to reorganize and purge our daughter’s closet quite often as well. Hers needs to be done more frequently as she is growing out of clothes every few months now.

Today’s Tasks:

  1. Line up your boxes as close to your closet as you can, this will make it so much easier so you don’t have to do a lot of walking back and forth.
  2. Pull everything out of your closet one at a time and evaluate whether you will ever wear it again. Be honest to yourself now!
  3. Fill up those donate and sell boxes! I like to remind myself that if I get rid of more stuff, then that means I have a little room to buy something new. woo!
  4. Once you have decided what you are going to keep, hang up as much as you can. I hang all my dresses, skirts, sweaters, coats and sweatshirts. When I had more closet space I also hung up most of my tshirts as well. Hang what you can.
  5. Organize the clothes you have hung up. Some people categorize them by color, and others by type. I always line them up by type. All the sweaters together, all the dresses, etc.
  6. You can get special hangers for belts, scarves, ties, etc. Get them! They will make your life a lot easier as far as organization goes. No more hunting around for that lost scarf that you just have to wear today!
  7. Store small items in stackable plastic bins, and label the outside of them.
  8. Use some sort of shoe rack or hanging shoe bag for your shoes. No more shoes thrown into the bottom of the closet.

Here is a shot of how I organized my 1 year olds hanging clothes:



I have all her dresses together, then her jeans, and then her sweaters/coats/and hoodies. I have her other clothes in drawers underneath. Once she grows out of something I store them in big plastic bins in the basement.

There are some great closet organizers that you can buy as well. I just stumbled upon this great deal over on Zulily (if you haven’t heard of this site – it’s great! It has a whole bunch of daily deals for moms and kids. You can sign up here

I was over on this site looking at their awesome sale on Stride Rite shoes for my little one when I came across the closet organizers.

A lot of great ideas and products  here to help you organize!

Happy Organizing! See you all tomorrow 🙂

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