Creative Wrappings for Holiday Home Made Gifts and Cookies

Hosting a Holiday Cookie Exchange / Swap, or perhaps just a girl’s night Christmas Wrapping Party, or a Holiday Craft gathering or just simply wrapping all you gifts yourself, we have gathered some creative and clever ideas for wrapping your Holiday gifts, crafts and cookies.

Holiday Wrapping StationSet Up a Packaging Station

Ask guests to bring wrapping materials; you might also keep some on hand in case any are overlooked. Set everything out on large worktables. Consider stocking the station with tags or sticky labels, ribbons, twine, cardboard boxes, sturdy paper plates, baking papers, scissors, hole punches, tissue paper, cellophane, and other trimmings.

Holiday BoxesOffer Boxes for Gift-Giving

Consider using white boxes. If you offer white boxes and keep all the other items in a specific palette of colors, everything can be mixed and matched easily.

Offer Ribbon and Other Trimmings

Offer ribbon or waxed twine that guests can attach to gift tags, holly leaves, beads, and tiny bells. Holiday stickers seal packages and double as tags. Decorative hole punches can be used on boxes, and then they can be finished with ribbon.

Decorate Your Plate

Consider edging paper plates with pinking shears, setting it on a different colored plate, and topping with tissue. Guests can arrange a selection of cookies on top and slide it into cellophane for a simple — and simply yummy — holiday gift. Or, set out your decorated platter of cookies and display it on your holiday table.


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