Hearts galore! Great DIY ideas for decor and more!

Hearts have always been a favorite of mine. The great thing is that they can be used in decor for so many reasons other than the typical Valentine’s Day. Use them to decorate for an Anniversary, Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, or even just as a day to day decoration (which a favorite of mine!). Hearts make me happy, so I like to have them around me. Hope you enjoy these fun crafts I found all over the web.

Hearts Galore! DIY Ideas for Decor and More

I love how these simple felt hearts can be made into a lovely garland! Find the tutorial here



When I found this one, I had to showcase it. Remember back to your childhood when you melted crayons with wax paper? Ah yes, a classic indeed! Re live your youth and have fun with this one – so many possibilities!



This is so unique and such a great idea! Use the plastic from cereal bags to create these lovely hearts.


A great way to use paint chips to create a wonderful garland! Genius!! Find it here























Have a heart? Oh yes please! I’ll take a hundred of them! Find this great tutorial here


How cute are these little crochet hearts? Find the tutorial here











This is beautiful! I may have to make one soon! Find it here



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