Cricut Tools & Cartridges & Supplies, Oh My

As I discussed in my Got a Cricut for Christmas, Now What post, I am hunting for the tools and supplies I will need to use my Cricut.  I understand that in order to get my cut outs off the cutting mat without them tearing or curling, I am going to need a spatula as well as some other Cricut Tools.

I have also been told that I will want more than the two cartridges I have so far.  That there are some really great ones that are perfect for the types of projects I will be doing.   I understand that supply wise, I will also need to replace my cutting mat and razor on my Cricut after so many uses.  These are all reasonable things, but I have no idea how much these items will end up costing me, and I need to prioritize what new tools I purchase.  So I thought if I make a list here of the items I am looking at purchasing for this new toy, then a more experienced Cricut user can tell me if I am heading in the wrong direction, or if I need to add something to my list.

Let jump into Cricut Tools First.

I have found several Cricut Tool Kits that seem to be a better value then just purchasing individual tools.  Some are even colored instead of just plain black.  But more than likely I will go with the plain black… although I do like the pink and it would be cool to find them in red…

Anyhow the kit I am leaning towards:

Cricut Tool KitThe CGull Black Cricut Tool Kit is only $12.95 on Amazon, and seems to have the most tools for the best price.

At this time I think this is the set I am going to purchase – added to cart.Pink Cricut Tool Kit

They have it in Pink Too!

Is there another kit out there that is better?  Or will kit have everything I need in one little place?

The Cricut Supplies I am looking at:

Cricut 29-0002 Replacement Cutting Blades

I think these are the right size, but truthfully I have no idea if there are different sizes… I suppose I ought to research that a little before purchasing these.

Cricut Cutting MatsCricut 29-0003 6 x 12 Adhesive Cutting Mat, Set of 2 for $7.50

I understand that the stickiness wears off after so many cuts.  I did see a Pinterest pin about how to bring the sticky back.  I will have to check that out and see if it actually works and let you all know.

Cricut Cardstock

Now that I need a specific size for Cricut, I was thinking I would go ahead and try out some of the card stock sets that Cricut makes.

These 6 x 12 Cardstock pads have 32 sheets in colors of my choice for $9.34

Is this a bad idea?  Is it a waste of money?  Should I just buy like I all ready do?  Opinions please.

6 x 12 Adhesive Vinyl – 27 Sheets of Assorted Colors for only $12.45 – based on what I saw at WalMart for vinyl, this seems really cheap to me, and too good to pass up.


As for the Cricut Cartridges, when I started making my list, I realized it was going to have to be a seperate post.  There are just too many that I want.  So moving on to my Starting my Cricut Cartridge Collection ….

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