Cute Self Binding Blankets Tutorials and Inspiration

So my oldest daughter wants to make her boyfriend a blanket for Valentine’s Day.  A fleece no sew tie one.  She wants to make it large enough to cover the foot of his bed, a queen size bed.  I told her that it would be a bit of a pain with one so large, but she wanted to do it, and she did.  I was actually quite impressed with how fast she got it done too.  I think the whole blanket took her an hour or so.  Any how, while trying to convince her not to do a tie blanket, I started searching for self binding blanket tutorials for her.  I think these blankets turn out so cute and well they are easy to make.  I love that you can use coordinating fabrics for some really cute looks as well.  I found so many great tutorials and cute blankets that I thought I would share. Out tutorial is below the gallery – Enjoy and please share your creations with us, we love to see them!



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