DIY Felt Food for Kids

You’ve probably seen photos of some online somewhere and if you’re lucky, you’ve seen some in person. I’m talking about fabulous food made of felt! What a brilliant idea and a great toy for kids. I am so tempted just to make some of these for myself because they are so cute! Even if you’re a beginner sewer like I am, there are lots of tutorials out there on how to easily make some adorable little felt cookies, fruit and more. Here are some of my favorites, hope you enjoy them.


1. Birthday Cake:

2. Veggies:

3. Donut:

4. Cookies:

5. Sushi:

6. Ravioli:

7. Heart Cookies:

8. Pizza:;topicseen#msg80311

9. Eggs & orange slices:—felt-food-egg-orange-slices.html

10. Breakfast:

11. Cheese slices:

12. Fortune Cookies:

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