12 Clever Ways to Wrap Christmas Presents

I am always looking for new ways to wrap presents, especially Christmas presents.  When all the kids were little, I would try to make things easy on myself and wrap each child’s present in a wrapping paper that was just for them.  Then as they got older and started trying to guess what was what, I started not labeling gifts, and putting numbers on them to keep them from trying to guess their presents.  I have tried to do all coordinating wrappings, and I have tried to do all bags… I really do think I have tried it all…. And you know what, I have loved it all.  I actually like wrapping Christmas Presents, when I have time for it.


So that brings us to 12 clever ways to Wrap Christmas Presents, and I am hoping that my inspiration for under the Christmas Tree this year, helps you to find your wrapping style for this Christmas!

All sources can be found on our 12 Saturdays to Christmas Pinterest Board

Trader Joe’s & A Little Red

Wrapping News!  Reading All About It!

Brown Paper Wrapping w/ Stamps


Fabric Wrapping!

fabricwrappingBrown Boxes w/ Yarn


White Bags with Candy Canes and Twine

whitebagswithcandycanetwine  Embossed Kraft Paper Bags

embossedbrownbagsStitched Brown Paper

brownpaperstockingsBrown Paper Bag

brownpaperbagWrapping Bottles with Newspaper


Wine Bottle Wrapping w/ a Paper


Wrap it in a Towel


4 thoughts on “12 Clever Ways to Wrap Christmas Presents

  1. love this wrapping ideas, they are to die for!!!!! Thanks so much for the great review.. Now my wrappings will never be the same 😀

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