12 Christmas Stocking Patterns and Ideas

Every year (well almost every year) we have had a tradition of making new Christmas Stockings.  This year, I am going to sew new stockings for each of the kids, and I have started to search through patterns.

I have found some super simple  patterns, and I have found some extremely complicated ones.  But I have definitely found some great inspiration.


For sources of these Patterns, please visit our 12 Saturdays to Christmas Pinterest Board.

Awesome Whimsical Christmas Stocking and Pattern

Christmas Stocking Tutorial and FREE Pattern

Christmas Stockings Made from Sweaters

sweater hacking: fingerless mitts, Christmas stockings

DIY Inspiration: Recycled Jeans Into Christmas Stockings

Sleigh Bells Stockings

Sparkly, Happy, No Sew, Christmas Stocking

Burlap Stocking Tutorial

Flowered Felt Stocking

2 thoughts on “12 Christmas Stocking Patterns and Ideas

  1. I have a sewing machine but I don’t get it out and really don’t know how to use it but these stockings make me want to get it out and try. I really want matching stockings for our family but don’t want to spend a fortune.

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