iPotty for Toliet Training the iPad addicted Toddler

OMGosh!!!!  So  my husband sent me this link and I am not sure if I hate or love it... I know there will be a bunch of you who can spout off all that is wrong with it... BUT for my family, with a … [Read more...]

Did You Know ~ How to Open a Can withOUT a Can Opener

Lately I have been searching online for Camping, Survival and Emergency Preparedness ideas.  Well one day a few months ago, I happened upon a neat little trick that I HAD to try out.  Did you know … [Read more...]

How to Remove Writing From Plastic Containers

I LOVE the containers that butter, sour cream, yogurt and other items come in.  I have this belief that everything can be re-used.  Especially these plastic containers.  They are GREAT for storing … [Read more...]

Little Bean Creations Giveaway

as we continue with our Spring into Summer Series, today is sponsored by Little Bean Creations. With two toddlers, I know all about the car seat issues.  Especially with Carson!  Well Little Bean … [Read more...]

Wedding Hair Updo Tutorial

This is a fabulous step by step (photos) to show you how to get this stylish updo which would be perfect for a wedding. This would work great for other occasions too! The photos make it look almost … [Read more...]

52 week money challenge for 2013

An interesting way to start saving.  I think this is completely doable for most of us, even those who are struggling.  I hope that each of our readers who does this, is able to at least put a portion … [Read more...]

Baby on the Go

Since I'm going to be having a summer baby, I cannot imagine myself wanting to sit in the house all day long. I'm going to want to be out walking on a nice day or going somewhere at least just to get … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Baby

Just a few months to go, and as usual, I seem to be leaving things to the last minute. However, we have been getting little things here and there and we have quite the wardrobe already for our little … [Read more...]

Better For Baby

In preparation of welcoming my little one in only a few months (wow, where does the time go?), I've been doing a lot of reading and research on the best healthiest things for babies. First off, my … [Read more...]

Quick Photo Edit: The Crop & Lighten

I am hoping to start a small series on QUICK photo edits for your everyday photos.  I don't like to spend a lot of time editing my photos, but it really is worth spending time doing some quick edits … [Read more...]

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