How to Make an R2D2 Valentine Box

It’s that time of the year, time for school children all over the United States to start making their Valentine’s Day Card Boxes to bring into school, to collect all their classmates Valentines.  Well today, we have a special treat for you, and a quick easy tutorial on how to make an R2D2 Valentine’s Day Card Box.   Our favorite Science Teacher, Mrs Moon, From over at Over the Moon Teaching created this fun box and tutorial for us to share with you today.  Enjoy!

3 small size pudding mix boxes
2 Pringles cans
1 12 in tall cylinder shaped paper mache’ box
1 plastic bowl with the same diameter as the paper mache’ box
Tin foil
Blue construction paper
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
White roll of paper
Scotch tape
The Force to help you construct one galactic Valentine holder!

Step one:
First I took the two Pringles cans and unrolled enough paper to wrap around them. Remove the lid of each can. Wrap the white paper around each can gluing it down with the hot glue gun. 

Neatly wrap the paper around the bottom and tape it to the can. Next cut a small piece of white paper to cover the bottom of the can. This will become the top of R2’s arms.

Tuck the extra paper at the opening down into the can.

The next step was to cut out the hole that the valentines will slide into. We cut a hole that was about 2 inches high and 3 inches long out of the paper mache’ box for the main body section. To finish this part cut out the opening for the Valentines leaving a little extra to fold down inside. Tape this extra down to finish this part.

Take the pudding out of all three of the pudding boxes. Trace the shape of the end of the Pringles can onto two of the boxes and cut out this part of the box.

Wrap the two boxes with the openings in them with the white paper.   Cut slits from the center of the openings out to the sides.

Slide the open end of the Pringles can into these opening and put some glue around them to keep them in place.

Next, cover the bowl with tin foil and tuck the extra foil inside the bowl. Glue the bowl onto the open end of the paper mache’ can.

Take the last pudding box and cover it completely with paper. This will be hot glued under R2 in the center front of his body. It should stick out a little and is supposed to be his 3rd leg.

Glue the Pringles cans with the pudding box “shoes” onto the sides of R2. When you glue them on be sure to center the valentine opening between them. They should be glued on so that they are tilted toward the back.

The last thing to do is to glue on all of the decorations onto his body. We looked at a picture of the real R2 to get an idea of what he needed to bring him to life. I think it’s all of the finishing touches that really bring it all together!

We would LOVE to see your R2D2 Valentine’s Day Card Box if you make one with our directions.  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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