#DisneySide Engagement Party

As many of you know, I was selected to host a #DisneySide party, and when we found out, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  You see, my eldest daughter was planning on coming down for vacation with her boyfriend of 3.5 years.  While she thought it was just going to be a vacation and a chance to see family, I knew something magical was in the plan.  You see, he had called and asked for permission to ask her to marry him and for help planning a Magical Proposal.  Of course I said YES!

#DisneySide Engagement Party

Now, my daughter isn’t blind, and knew something was up.  So she started getting snoopy… looking in phones, asking questions…. so we changed our original proposal plans from Valentine’s Day to 02/13, the day before.  When she wouldn’t be expecting anything….

That evening we headed to Magic Kingdom, so we could record the Dreams with Micky Cinderella Castle Stage Show, well that is what she thought at least…. So we found our spots and started recording.  The plan was when Mickey asked the audience to say “Dreams Come True”, he would drop to one knee and ask her to make his dreams come true…


It was magical and Awesome!  But then after the show was over, they got another surprise!  A Cast Member came down and told them a Friend wanted to congratulate them.  Apparently someone on stage saw the whole thing!

Well of course we had to celebrate in Disney Fashion their Magical Magic Kingdom Engagement!  So Saturday we threw a surprise engagement proposal party with sweets for the sweethearts and then headed to Epcot to celebrate through World Showcase and watch Illuminations, Reflections of Earth.

I made some cupcake toppers and Hershey Kiss stickers to help make the party table a little more festive and personalized.  I didn’t go all out for this particular Disney Side party though, as I am having a second party next week that is Mickey themed.

#DisneySide Engagement Party #DisneySide Engagement Party

We used the Will Gay  “So This is Love” prints for decor and we took them to Epcot to be signed by Mickey and Minnie.  I saved one for use at the Wedding as well!

#DisneySide Engagement Party #DisneySide Engagement Party

As the evening wore on, it got cold but we kept warm by heading to Germany and enjoying the wine flights.  Of course the happy couple had to pose for a few pictures, Showing their #DisneySide in the happiness alone!  It was a great day and a great surprise!

#DisneySide Engagement Party #DisneySide Engagement Party

our #DisneySide Engagement Party was a blast and I can only imagine how great the upcoming wedding will be, but for now I am going to keep planning the Mickey Mouse #DisneySide party for this coming week.

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