Technique Time – Fabric Paint & Stickles Glitter Glue

fbp1Fabric paints and Stickles Glitter Glue are lots of fun to use in scrapbooking projects, but the thing to remember when using them is that they need adequate time to dry, just like the Glossy Accents.

1. To add a bit of flair, use the fabric paint (or Stickles) to add dots to some places in your journaling (dots for the j’s, i’s, periods, commas, etc) or in your titles. Print out a block of text and practice but simply covering some of the dots with a small blob of fabric paint. Put aside and let it dry.

2. One of my most favorite ways to use the fabric paint & Stickles is to use it to add a center to a flower. You can vary the size of the “blob” to fit the middle of the flower. Try it with a couple different sized flowers (if you have a flower punch, punch a couple flowers out of cardstock, they work great for this too).


3. If you have some bulleted lists in your journaling, why not try using the fabric paint to add dots as bullets?

4. Get a scrap piece of fabric and make your own design on it with the fabric paint (such as a flower or heart). Let it dry then cut your image out and use as an embellishment.

fb35. Stickles Glitter Glue (Ranger) is awesome stuff!! If you want to add some bling to your pages and don’t have any rhinestones, this stuff is perfect. Also, you can vary the size of the dots, create lines and borders, and smear it over tops of flowers and other embellishments to add more glitter.  First of all, get another flower and using your finger rub some of the stickles all over it, giving enough sparkle to all the petals. Let dry. Next get a blank sheet of paper and practice using the stickles in different ways: create various sized dots and lines. Let dry and take note of how it looks after. One thing to remember is that when it dries it will shrink down in size.



#1  Create a layout with lots of bling! Use the Stickles to outline photos on your layout or to create a border around your page. If you use flowers, jazz them up with centers and add some sparkle to the petals.

#2  Create your own fabric embellishments and use them on a layout. Try to use the fabric paint in your journaling or title to add dots and bullets.

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