24 Journaling Prompts

Outstanding-Mini-AlbumseHere are some great Journaling Prompts to help get you started. Use them for scrapbooking, art journals, or any journal you may be keeping. If you’d like to share your scrapbook or art journal page with us, please leave a link below.


1. What I’m most looking forward to…

Journal about what you’re most looking forward to this week, this month, or even in the upcoming year.

2. Memories: best of the best

What are your happiest memories from the last few month or last year? Pick a time frame and journal about those sweet memories that bring a smile to your face.

3. Magazine Headline Inspiration

Grab one of those magazine you were about to throw in the recycling bin and choose a headline from one of the articles. Use that to jump start your journaling. If you don’t mind cutting your magazine up, go ahead and clip the headline right out and stick it onto to your page.

4. For the following quote, write it in your journal and then write about whatever comes to mind when you read the quote.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard

5.  5 things you can’t live without (but no people or animals)

6. Fill in the blank:  “I wish I were____________”

7. My life….

For this one, I thought a fun collage might work. Choose some random pictures (either your own photos or cut stuff out of magazines) that pertain to your life right now. And/or cut out some words and definitions from a dictionary or simply cut up random words that might describe your life. For example, I might use words such as: happy, busy, chaotic, thankful…. to put on my page. Don’t forget to date it!

8. Just for fun….

What fun things have you been doing in the last week or two? Life can’t be all about work – we need some play in there too! Did you see any movies, enjoy a nice date night with your sweetie, eat at a new restaurant, or even just hang out with your family and play a game. Journal about all the fun things you’ve done recently.

9. Happiness is…..

Try to think of the little things that often get overlooked. Such as those listed in the Book of Awesome. Great book, I highly recommend.

Some examples (which happen to be some of my little happiness things) are:

– getting a great parking spot (which is great when the whole parking lot is full and then you find an empty spot right up front)

– Ice cubes that easily pop right out of the tray (side note: the BEST ice cube trays I’ve found are the silicone ones from Target. And they are often on sale – so what if they’re bright pink? They are amazing!!)

– Air Delight Hershey Kisses. Try them, you’ll love them. For all the Canadian’s out there – think of an Aero bar in a Hershey’s Kiss. Yep, AMAZING.

10. Where I live

Describe where you live and what you really like about it.  (can be about your home and / or the city you live in)

– I am really trying to get used to living in Chicago but I am totally homesick for both California and BC, Canada.

11. This made me smile….

How many times do you smile a day? Hopefully more than you think you do. What is life without the fun stuff? The good stuff? The warm feelings? Today while you’re going about your regular activities, try to be aware (and remember when and why) of the times you are smiling. Or even just one specific thing that brought a smile to your face. Do something a little extra maybe and smile at a stranger you see at the grocery store, or at someone walking past you on the sidewalk. Remember, “Smile and the World smiles with you.”

12. Today I accomplished….

Some days go by where I am so thrilled that I got so much done, and what a productive day it turned out to be. Others pass by in a blink and I feel like I got nothing done, however, when I think about it, I really did get a lot done. They may have been small things, but even the small things are accomplishments. Today give some thought about all the little things (or maybe even big things) that you finished or crossed off your giant To-Do list and journal about those amazing accomplishments.

13. Choose a song title or a lyric to start your journaling.

14. My thoughts about Fall

What do you love about Fall, what do you not like so much about it? Think about the smells, the sights, and the sounds of Fall. If you can, include a photo of your neighborhood or backyard right now.

15. “Around Me” : you can take this a few different ways. Look around you right now and journal about what the room you’re in looks like, what stuff you have lying around, what book you are currently reading, what project you are working on, etc.

16. ‘What I’m currently…..”  reading….working on (projects)…listening to….etc. Take a photo of the books in your bookshelf and journal about what the books are, or which ones you are currently reading. Or take a look in your ipod and journal about your most played tunes. I did my page on what shows are currently in our DVR. This kind of stuff may seem like just ordinary day to day stuff, but later on, these really are fun to look back on and read

17. It’s all about Lists: make a ‘top 10′ list of something

For example, you could make a list of books you want to read, places you want to visit, people you saw today, new recipes you want to try, tv shows you’ve watched recently, sources for inspiration….

18. Choose a word. Go grab a dictionary, randomly open it and point to a spot on the page, then use whatever word or phrase you pointed to, to start your page.

19.   10 years ago _________________, and in 10 years I hope to: ____________________

What were you doing 10 years ago? Where were you living, who were you living with? Where were you working? The year was 2001….. then think about what you hope you will be doing 10 years from now….

20. Facing my fears.

We all have them. Think of some times you faced your fears and journal about how you overcame them.

I feel like I have faced a lot of fears in the last 4 years or so. A big one started with scrapbooking. I was terrified of speaking out loud in front of a group of people, I was an incredibly shy person. A big step for me was teaching scrapbooking classes and I learned to love it.

21. What I do for Me

What do you do to get some “Me” time? Maybe go get a manicure or pedicure, exercise, go for a long walk…. sometimes we all need a little alone time. As much as I love being with my husband and all our pets, I find that even a short time away by myself makes me a happier person.

22. A meaningful quote

Choose a quote from a TV show, movie, book, or even just find one online somewhere. Pick one that has a special meaning to you in some way and journal about the reasons why it is special to you.

23. What’s in my purse

Go ahead and dump out your purse to see what treasures you have stored in there! You might be surprised at some things you find in there!

24. Good Things (from last week)

This is a good one to journal about each week. Try to think of little daily pleasures such as having a quiet moment sipping on your favorite latte, or warm towels from the dryer. This is a great recap to remember all those great moments of the week that has just passed by.

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