Disney’s Frozen Valentine’s Day Kisses Treat Bag Printables ~ FREE

Yes we are more than a little obsessed with Disney’s Frozen in our home, and with Valentine’s Day coming I thought we could all use a little more Frozen Love around here.  So to start the love off, tonight I am giving you Hershey Kiss Sticker Printables and a Treat Bag Topper Printable for these True Love Kisses.  Perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat, class party or just to give your kids because you love them!

Free Frozen Valentine's Day Printables #Frozen #TreatBagToppers #Printables #Free

One thing I would like to point out, when making treat bags, I suggest adding the treat bag topper to the bottom of the bag, that way kids can just open the ziplock side and then close again. Otherwise they have to rip through the topper to get to the goodies.

These treat bag toppers fit perfectly on Snack size baggies (As pictured) or on sandwich size.

Free Frozen Valentine's Day Printables #Frozen #TreatBagToppers #Printables #FreeFree Frozen Valentine's Day Printables #Frozen #TreatBagToppers #Printables #Free

As for the Hershey Kiss “Stickers”, you can print them off on label sheets, or even just plain paper and use double sided tape to attach to the bottom of the Kisses.  Super simple, but so cute!

Free Frozen Valentine's Day Printables #Frozen #TreatBagToppers #Printables #Free

To download the Hershey Kiss stickers and the Treat bag Toppers Just Click Here
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Free Frozen Valentine's Day Printables #Frozen #TreatBagToppers #Printables #Free Free Frozen Valentine's Day Printables #Frozen #TreatBagToppers #Printables #Free

These also go PERFECT with the Frozen Birthday Party Printables & the $1.99 Frozen Birthday Party Printable Add-On Kit.

More Frozen Valentine’s Day Printables coming….

6 thoughts on “Disney’s Frozen Valentine’s Day Kisses Treat Bag Printables ~ FREE

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I downloaded the Frozen kisses stickers and treat bag toppers. Super cute. My daughter is obsessed with this movie. Thank you for making these available to everyone for free. I do have one question now that I’m thinking more about how to do these. How did you cut out all of those circles? I have the sticky paper that you can print on and cut out so I don’t have to use sticky tape, but this could take quite awhile to cut out and I’m sure they are not going to be perfectly round. What is your secret?


  2. Love this!! My daughter and I are obsessed with this movie! I was wondering what you used for the treat bag topper as I imagine regular comp paper would be too flimsy.

  3. Just made these for my daughter’s preschool class and they turned out really cute! I used cardstock for the topper and a mailing label for the sticker part. I wish I had the circle punch since it was time consuming cutting them out by hand, but was well worth it in the end. My little girl loved them! Thanks for pinning them for free!

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