Free Photoshop Class Day One ~ Tools, Brushes and Text

photoshop-class-day-1Today is Day ONE of our FREE Photoshop 14 day Class, where we will be teaching you 14 new techniques in Photoshop.

Since I am not entirely sure where everyone is in their ability levels in Photoshop, I am starting today with a just a quick review of the tools.  After we review the tools palette we will head into how to find, install and use Photoshop Brushes.

Next we will discuss how to use Text in Photoshop.  Where to find fonts, how to install them and how to put them on your pictures.

I have broken today’s lessons up into two videos in order to make this easier for you to follow along.

If you have any questions on today’s classes, please ask them below, and I will answer each of them.  Don’t forget to follow us on Google+ and watch for the Google Hangouts to answer your questions and help you with these classes.

The full schedule of the  14 Day FREE Photoshop Class series

So Let’s Begin:

Day One Part One, Tools and Brushes

Day One Part Two, Text and Fonts

Links Used in Videos:
KG Flavor and Frames Author
More Fun with Using Dingbats – How to Rasterize Type to “color in” your Dingbat Font

3 thoughts on “Free Photoshop Class Day One ~ Tools, Brushes and Text

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I use brushes and have added them, but honestly didn’t know how I did it when I did. I didn’t know the difference between the brush and pencil tool either. I can’t wait until more videos!!

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