Disney Vacation Countdown Project with FREE Printable

Going on a Disney vacation is exciting!  And today we have a simple project for you, to help build the excitement.  Counting down the days to your vacation can be a lot of fun.  For our home, having visual countdowns to events, for instance, going to see Gabe, or Stevie coming, helps with the transition from the “norm” with our Carson.  (who is on the autism spectrum)

Making this Disney Vacation Countdown is actually quite simple.  If you didn’t grab the Swingline Laminator when it was $14.99 shipped,(it’s $21.95 now) or if you don’t have a laminator, see version two of this project at Disney Vacation Countdown Calendar Style or another idea, is to put one of these sheets into a picture frame and use a dry erase marker to change the countdown.


Plugin your Laminator and get it heating up


Print this FREE Disney Vacation Countdown Printable


Line up your Printable in the lamination  sheet (I buy mine on Amazon, 100 for $9.8 shipped)


Now feed through your Laminator.  I LOVE my Swingline!  Heats up so quickly, and is silent with no smells!


Now you are all done and have a Disney Countdown that can be easily changed daily to reflect how many days before you head to the most Magical Place on Earth.

IMG_2478 IMG_2481

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