How To Make Name Art With Paint Chips

Day 2 of 30 days of Craft Tutorials for National Crafting Month

So as many of you know, I got a Cricut and Gypsy for Christmas, and I have been learning how to use.  Well first off, I LOVE my Cricut!!!! and I LOVE my GYPSY!!!!!  Ok now that I have that off my chest, let’s get to this little tutorial.  I am like many crafters/scrapbookers out there and I collect paint chips.  Every time I go to WalMart, Lowes or Menards I grab a few in contrasting colors.  Well the other night I was sitting in my office organizing things and stumbled upon a stack of paint chips.  My Gypsy was laying on my desk and I though why not try to cut something out on a paint chip with my Cricut.  Well it looked great and I got to playing around with it and came up with a little tutorial on how to do this particular project (later in the month you will need this technique to complete another project)

How to Create Names on Paint Chips


  • Paint Chips – at least two of the same size in contrasting colors
  • If using a Cricut:
    • Cricut
    • Font Cartridge – I used the Plantin Schoolbook Font Cartridge for these
    • Cutting Mat
    • Tool to peel off cutout
  • If NOT using a Cricut:
    • Lettering stencil in your choice of font (could easily make in a word document using word art, print off, cut out letters, tape in place on paint chip)
    • Exacto Knife
  • Glue Stick or adhesive of choice

Step One: Put your paint chip on your cutting mat

Step Two: Choose what you are going to “say” and get it lined up on your paint chip

Step Three: Cut

Step Four: CAREFULLY peel off your paint chip, trying to leave the cut-outs on the cutting mat.  Take care not to lose any pieces, we will need those little hole fillers

Step Five: Line up and glue your two paint chips together – taking not to line up carefully

Step Six: With tweezers or your choice of tools – attach the little hole fillers to your letters- be careful to line up words and lines


And you are finished.

Now to use these cute little paint chip name art – –

  • Frame them for wall art
  • Scrapbook Page headlines
  • Tags for Presents
  • Depending on the size of paint chip you used – cut the finished pieces into a pennant and use for a banner garland

More coming in a later tutorial using this technique…

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