The Best American Girl Doll Deals on Amazon – Gift Guide

If you have a daughter, or niece, or sister, etc between the ages of 4-12, then you probably know all about the American Girl Doll craze. My 1 year old is too young for all this, but my 2 nieces are very into American Girl. Did you know that Amazon has some great deals going on right now for certain American Girl stuff? Now you can order from the comfort of your home and you won’t have to make that huge treck to one of the AG Flagship stores.


American Girl Crafts Learn to Scrapbook Kit
I do have to admit that they make a fabulous line of craft products, and a lot of their papers and embellishments are even quite enticing to me!agcrafts

4 Kid Favorites: American Girl DVD


An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars: An Amazon Instant Video


American Girls Craft Memory Book



The Care and Keeping of You Book



Pink Doll Shoes: fits American Girl Dolls

Saige Mini Doll

American Girl Crafts Sticker Pad

American Girl Crafts Pencil Toppers

American Girl Magazine Subscription


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