Craft Room Organization {Organization Challenge Day 21}

Welcome to day 21 of the challenge!  If you’ve missed any of the challenge so far, that’s ok – you can catch up anytime.  You can access the master list of all the challenges in this post here.

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Today we will be working on organizing our craft rooms (or craft area – if you only have part of a room)

This can be a tough one for me as I like to “collect” craft supplies so they keep accumulating faster than I can use them. Anyone else have this problem? Probably most of you right?

Here are some tips to help you organize your space and your supplies so you can find what you are looking for when you need it. A great concept!

  1. This one is kind of a no brainer but I’m putting it here anyway. Keep similar items together. So many times I have thrown a bunch of things in the same drawer and then I wonder why I can’t find anything later. Keep things together ie: all scrapbook paper (categorize it – all cardstock together, similar colors, patterns, etc.), glues and adhesives, paints,  punches, markers & pens, glitter, stickers (I keep all my letter stickers together, and then I group the rest by category (travel, baby, animals, etc).
  2. Drawers, bins and labels! Yes, they will make your life so much easier! I really like the stacking drawer units from Ikea. You can choose to put wire, plastic or fabric bins in them and they even fit 12 x 12 sheets of paper. I have all my stickers in drawers, plus a drawer just for punches, adhesives, embellishments, etc. I keep all my fabric in one of those rolling drawer bins (rubbermaid), which makes it easy to roll it over to the table when I’m sewing.
  3. For tiny items (brads, snaps, eyelets, etc), store them in pill containers.
  4. Use an over the door shoe storage bag to hold all kinds of smaller items. This is especially great if you have a small space.
  5. Glass mason jars are great for storing ribbon and scraps of fabric – and they look super cute on a desk!

For more tips and some great ideas, check out our pinterest gallery here

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