Organization Challenge Day 9

Welcome to day 9 of the challenge!  If you’ve missed any of the challenge so far, that’s ok – you can catch up anytime.  You can access the master list of all the challenges in this post here.

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Today we will be working on different options to organize/store your Jewelry. I keep all mine in my bedroom in one of those nifty  jewelry armoires: (in fact, this is the exact one that I have)

However, I really wanted one of these jewelry trees:

The problem is, we have a very small room and not a lot of space to have this. We have one dresser and all the space on top is already maxed out. I really don’t want it to look cluttered in there so until we have a larger bedroom one day, I’ll have to wait on this cute tree.

There really are so many options out there for jewelry storage no matter how much space you have. If you are like me and have very little space, these might be some good options for you:

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

I like these because they are cheap, can hang in your closet so they take up very little room, and they are easy to travel with.

Hanging Little Black Dress Organizer

Along the same lines as the one above, this one also easily hangs in the closet. It’s so darn cute, I just had to include it here!

Over the Door Hanging Organizer

This is pure genius! Everything is organized and out of the way, plus it’s so easy to find something at a glance.

Now if space is not an issue for you, here are some of my favorites

Jewelry boxes like this are gorgeous and you can fit a lot of stuff into them.

A great bonus feature of this one is that it locks.

I love the look of these to showcase bracelets

And this one is just gorgeous

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