Organizing your Laundry Room {Organization Challenge Day 17}

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Today we will be organizing the laundry room.

  • Now I want you to start by cleaning the whole room, this includes washing the floor, pulling out both the washer and dryer to vacuum behind and under, and then wash the floor under there too.
  • Wipe the washer and dryer down, get all that dust off.
  • Throw away all the empty containers that are lying around (if any), then take all the trash out of the room.
  • Get a few bins and organize what you do store in your laundry room. I keep my detergents, stain removers, and vinegar in a bin that sits on top of my dryer. We don’t use laundry sheets, but we use natural wool balls in the dryer. I highly recommend these – they cut down the drying time and keep static down as well. Plus you can re-use them over and over again. I’ve had mine for abut 18 months already and they look like they did the day I got them.
  • In our laundry room we also store other things such as Christmas decorations and seasonal clothing. Everything gets placed in a large stacking rubbermaid bin and is labeled so we can easily find what we’re looking for. The bins are placed on heavy duty metal shelving.

Cleaning a Washing Machine

Every once in awhile it’s a good idea to give your washer a really good cleaning, so this is what I do:

  1. Get some white vinegar (I keep a huge gallon of it in my laundry room as I also use it in certain laundry loads such as cloth diapers & animal blankets)
  2. Pour about 2 or 3 cups of vinegar into your empty washing machine and run it for a complete cycle on HOT.
  3. Grab a cloth and using vinegar again wipe down the inside of the door to the washer and all around the inside edges.
  4. If you can remove your bleach/fabric softener dispensers, pull those out and clean them in the sink. I let mine soak in hot soapy water for about 20 minutes, then I give them a good scrub and a rinse.


3 thoughts on “Organizing your Laundry Room {Organization Challenge Day 17}

  1. Really great tip for cleaning washing machine, def needed this since i haven’t cleaned mine in 5+ years!!! Thanks for the great tip

  2. Thanks for the idea on how to clean out your wash machine. I try to do this every so often when i think that it needs it. It may wash your clothes clean but it still leaves residue and other things in the wash machine , so it does need cleaned out.

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