Top 10 Housewarming Gifts

If you have friends or family who have recently moved into a new home or maybe even moved abroad for life overseas then choosing a housewarming gift can be difficult. Trying to guess just what they might need or like or what kind of taste they might have can all add up to a headache. So to help you out, here are a top ten of ideas which should turn any house into a home.


A Door Mat

It might seem a simple suggestion but really they make the perfect gift for any home. It is highly unlikely that your friends will have brought their old one and even if they did, by rights they should have a new one to compliment their new home. If you are unsure about their tastes then choose something of neutral colour and simple design. A simple message or one made from natural materials are always a good choice.

A Picture Frame

Buying a picture frame or a set of frames is a good option for new homes. Putting up family or travel pictures in a new place can really put your own stamp on things and everyone likes to decorate and personalise their walls.


If your friends or family have moved abroad then you could arrange for a big housewarming bouquet to be delivered on a certain day for a beautiful and welcome surprise.

Chalk Board

This one might sound a bit unusual, but a decorative chalk board makes a great gift. They are perfect for mounting on a wall on which you can jot notes and add a rustic feel to any kitchen. They come in all shapes and sizes and make a charming gift.

Food or Gift Hamper

Making up a food hamper full of goodies can’t fail to hit the spot! Design your own hamper with cheese, chocolate, biscuits, wines, fruit and savouries. You can even put a pair of wine glasses in or some cooking utensils.

Key Rack

Great for hanging up the family keys for car, garage and home.


A hammock makes a great choice for anyone who has made the move overseas. With sunnier climates, your friends can be lazily swinging away under a hot fun with a cool drink all thanks to you.


Wine Rack

This is another perfect housewarming gift for anyone at home or abroad. We all love a taste of wine and even if we don’t it is an important for any successful dinner party.

Shot Glasses

For anyone who likes to entertain or as a bit of fun at the housewarming party, shot glasses are a great gift for all kinds of people.

Gift Mug

A cup or two is a good idea for singles or couples alike. A brand new ceramic mug to enjoy that first cuppa under their new roof is always a welcome gift. You could choose a stylish design for their interests or hobby or you could personalise the cup with names or photographs relevant to them or their new home.

Guest post by Karen Williams, packing her stuff and calling the milkman before booking one of the removal companies in Lancashire.

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