How to Re-Grow Green Onions ~ So Easy & Quick!

How to Re-grow Green Onions ~ Homeketeers So last Sunday night I made Super Easy French Onion Soup and Hamburger French Onion Dips for Dinner.  And of course that recipe called for two bunches of Green Onions, which I had purchased all ready.  While cutting them up, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at re-growing the green onions for another recipe at Thanksgiving.

So, I cut the green onions down to about an inch to an inch and half left.  Bunched them all up and put them in one of the little sample Starbucks cups I had (yes I ask for these at Starbucks for Tea Parties with the babies), filled with water, took a picture and left them.

Every day, sometimes multiple times a day I would pick it up and be in wonder at how quickly they were growing!  But seriously, that is all it took to regrow them.

Day One

How to Re-grow Green Onions, Day One ~ Homeketeers

Day Seven

How to Re-grow Green Onions, Day Seven~ Homeketeers

Growth Line – Fun to Watch

How to Re-grow Green Onions, Cut Line Day Seven ~ Homeketeers

There you go, so super easy and a way to keep yourself in Onions year round… Baked Potato Anyone?

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