How To Make Planes Magnets or Marbles ~ Tutorial

I know this is an old craft idea, but I needed some manipultives for Carson.  You see he is doing Pre-K through homeschool, and since he as a brand new 3 year old that can count to 20, recognize more than half of the alphabet and understands the concept of counting, I wanted to try to give him tools that will hold his interest longer than normal every day classroom manipulatives.  So coming up with some Planes themed counting pieces I thought would help.

So I decided to use some of our Walt Disney World souvenirs to make him some classroom manipulatives, as well as a few magnets for myself.


  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Mod Podge
  • Glass Rocks (Dollar Store item)
  • Magnets

It’s a fairly straight forward process, Simply select your glass rock, line up your temporary tattoo or paper with the design you want on it.

For the Temporary Tattoo – after lining up your design, remove the plastic top piece and press your glass rock against the tattoo.  Next press a wet cloth against the paper side of the temporary tattoo.  Hold it there until you are sure that the paper on the temporary tattoo has been completely saturated. Then gently lift it off.  Next grab your Mod Podge and apply a think coating over the temporary tattoo.  Let Dry.


For the Magnet – after selecting your glass rock and design, grab your Mod Podge and put a thin layer on the back of your glass rock.  Next attach your design and  let it dry.  After it dries add more Mod Podge to cover the back and if you want to add a magnet, now would be the time.  Let Dry and you are done.

IMG_8410 IMG_8405

2 thoughts on “How To Make Planes Magnets or Marbles ~ Tutorial

  1. So THATS how my friend Connie made a beautiful necklace with an antiqued photo of her mom on it, ! Thanks for the tips, I also have tons of Disney bits and pieces. My favorites are the little mickey mouse sequins which I pick up and sprinkle around my home. I tell the kids if you collect the sequins, you will return. Worked for me, for 15 years!
    I also want corks from France, did you see that necklace or OOPS, did you make it? I love it!

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