How to Make a Cork Board for Pinning WDW Trading Pins


If you saw last week that I found a FREE souvenir item at Epcot France Pavilion, then you also knew that this post was coming.  You see I have a couple buckets full of wine and champagne corks now, and of course I have to start crafting with them!  And since they are Walt Disney World Wine Corks, I HAVE to make something for displaying Disney souvenirs with them.

So that brings us to today’s tutorial, a message board that let’s me display my Disney trading pins, Epcot map and allows me to leave notes for my family at the same time.


  • Corks
  • Glue
  • Picture Frame

Step One – Lay out your design on top of the frame.  It took me several tries before I came up with a design that I liked.



Step Two – Remove back of frame


Step Three – Attach the picture you will be using for your centerpiece to the inside piece of the back of the fram


Step Four – Put the frame back together and grab your glue (a hot glue gun would make this faster and work better then the Aleenes)


Step Five – Glue your cork design down on top of the glass


        *Optional Step Five – Add additional decorations to your board IMG_8401IMG_8402

Step Six – Enjoy!


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