Make Your Own Cupcake Wrappers – Tutorial


I didn’t realize it was going to be so easy to make these! Now you can make your own cupcake wrappers to match whatever theme your party or event is. And it will only take minutes to make these! I Used the Grapefruit line of papers by Hot Off the Press for these.

What you’ll need:

Patterned paper



Cupcake Wrapper template (I used this one)

Tape or Glue

Optional: Decorative scissors


1. Print and cut out the template,  trace onto your patterned paper using a pencil.


2. Cut out the wrappers and erase the remaining pencil lines if you need to.


3. Using one of your cupcakes, wrap one of the wrappers around it and secure with a piece of tape (or glue)



You can leave them as is, or before taping, get creative with the edges. Try using a paper crimper to crimp the entire wrapper. Or use decorative scissors along the top of the wrapper edges or you can even freehand cut a design as I did on this one.






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