The Cult of the Cookie

It’s an annual feeding frenzy that sweeps through the nation every year: girl scout cookies! More than 2 billion boxes of these crunchy confections changed hands last year. Although they are generally regarded as a high-calorie guilty pleasure, people just can’t seem to resist them. Samoas tip the scale at a whopping 39 billion calories sold per year. Not only are the cookies popular because of their ability to tantalize the tastebuds, they are also popular because of their exclusivity. Girl Scout cookies are only sold by two licensed baking companies.

The cookies are also hard to resist because they are often being distributed via adorable little salesladies. It’s hard to tell an adorable kid no when the money is going to her Scout troop and you get cookies in return! Apparently many grownups agree; a record 3 million Girl Scouts last year sold more than 700 million dollars in Girl Scout cookies last year.

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