Frosty {or Olaf} for Breakfast with Mini Powdered Donuts

So I am all for dressing up food items to make them more fun for little eaters, and with Carson I will try just about anything to get him to eat something.  Lately Carson’s food issues (Autism Spectrum) have left him only take one bite of something then moving to the next piece.  (Literally one bite, we have to order a 10 pack of chicken nuggets to get a meal in him!)  Mini Chocolate and Powdered donuts have always been a favorite of his and I thought why not try to make it cute for him…

Make a Mini Donut Snowman #Breakfast #Christmas #Kids

As you will hear in the video, it didn’t work, but it may for your kids!  And how fun would it be to surprise them at breakfast before school with a plate of Olaf’s or Snowmen if you prefer!

It only take a few things, Donuts, Candy and frosting (or pudding like I did).  And YES I used the medicine syringe, because that is what I had on hand… it worked, and I am all for improvising….

Make a Mini Donut Snowman #Breakfast #Christmas #Kids


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