Why not send a card?

Did you know that April is ” National Card and letter writing month”?  I enjoy learning about these kinds of holidays only because it encourages me to do something out of the ordinary, something I normally wouldn’t do.  In this day in age of high technology, we’ve become accustomed to easier ways of communication like emailing or texting.  But why not send a card?  I know, I know, sometimes it’s just not that convenient and let’s be honest sending a text or email is easier and it’s free right?  However, I do know that when I get something in the mail it just makes my day.  How about we do that for someone else?

The past few days it’s been rainy here in SoCal.  Which has given me sometime to get a little creative.  With it being National card and writing month, I was motivated to send some cards to family.

Here’s a couple that I created…


Thanks for stopping by Homeketeers.  I hope you find a little motivation and inspiration to share a card with a loved one.  It’ll make their day.


  1. These are so cute!

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