Wedding trends in 2012 – Destination Weddings

Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding. Many go the DIY route or work with a professional planner, however there is another option. A destination wedding can be the most has hassle-free choice of them all. The big step is choosing the location and buying the package. Many couples find them to be ultra-romantic with little planning on their part, so they can actually enjoy the moment.There are many trends for the 2012 wedding season, as well as the off-season for destination weddings. One continuing trend is adding to a base package and making it their own. Also, local culture seems to really big with many couples, so much so they are finding unique ways of including it in their ceremonial plans, such as local foods and wedding customs.Another added bonus about destination weddings is that they are not just a one day event. Most guests and couples arrive a day or two early and stay a day or two after the ceremony. This creates a wonderful opportunity for more celebrations, such as dinners, parties and even sightseeing in some cases.

There are eight trends in destination weddings that will ensure every couple an unsurpassed and exceptionally personalized wedding package of their dreams. The great part is, even with loads of personal touches, many times destination weddings will come in under the cost of a traditional wedding at a local venue.

Trend 1 – Going Local
Instead of having the majority of their foods, decorations, and so on imported in from their country and/or hometown, many couples are going with locally bought items and vendors. This can save a ton in shipping fees, plus they get the personalization of adding local wares to their wedding.

Trend 2 – Going Downunder – Sydney, Australia Offers Big Saving During the Off-Season
Traveling expenses can be the only drawback for destination wedding for some couples. However, travel during the off-seasons, such as January and September, especially to Sydney, can make a huge difference to couples dreaming of the best wedding venues. Sydney is quickly becoming a favorite, because it has so many venues to offer couples a wedding they will never forget at great rates during the off-season.

Trend 3 – Going Off the Beaten Path
Many couples are steering away from the typical hotel style destination wedding and opting for a more personal stay, like at a villa for instance. Many times this will even save them money in the long run.

Trend 4 – Going Without Extra Baggage
Couples are even choosing to go local for their guests’ gifts. This includes the wedding-party favors, such as goodie bags/baskets and/or bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s gifts. Besides saving money on the extra baggage fees by bringing the gifts from home, couples are able to give unique items they purchased locally from wherever their destination wedding is.

Trend 5 – Going Experience and Networks
This may not seem like a trend, but more and more couples are choosing wedding planners with local connections at the location they have picked for their destination wedding. This is because planners with experience and a network at the destination location means the couples will get the best deals and in some cases they learn about special venues and hot sport.

Tend 6 – Going Ahead
Going to the destination location is one of the most important trends listed. This is because the couples are able to make their own connections, or if their planner is accompanying them, they too may make local vendor connections for future destination weddings.

Trend 7 – Going Through the Details
This may sound obvious to many couples and again not much like a trend, however, many couples now days are extremely savvy shoppers. They are going over their destination wedding package details with a fine toothed comb for any hidden fees before signing on the dotted line.

Trend 8 – Going in the Know
More and more couples are educating theirselves on destination weddings with the use of the internet. They are now able to ask the right questions to ensure they get the best deal.

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