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I love Pinterest, and I am pretty sure oh about 100% of our readers do to.  I usually just look at a few of the categories, but lately I have found that I am really loving some of the quotes that are coming across.  For instance the whole Bro Tips set, OMG, these are hysterical and in some cases very practical advice.  So I got to thinking of all the ways a quote can be used in a home, or in a craft and wow the things you can do!  But what peaked my interest the most was the whole wall decal thing.  I love how you can change up the look of a room without having to repaint and purchase all new decor by simply hanging a wall decal.  Now mind you that won’t work in some cases, where you are just putting up a quote, but for a babies room that needs to grow with the child, I can’t think of an easier way to have a room grow.  And with some of the quotes I keep finding on Pinterest, you could attach quotes to almost any surface of your home and change it up for the seasons, mood or whatever.  I totally love the idea of doing something all over one wall for a birthday party picture backdrop.

So I went looking, as I always do, for some ideas for wall decals and quotes, and these are some of my favorites:

Wash your Hands Mom Said So Decal – LOVE this for the kids bathroom!!!

and for the Man Cave, this Beer is good decal is AWESOME!

and for above the Changing table – the 1st Cor Decal is too Funny and So True!!

The Quotes I am currently loving:

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  1. LOVE them all….giggled my way through them. I hope to work with vinyl soon. I have little ones and these would be perfect. My son chose Buzz Lightyear Green for his room less than a year ago and has decided now he wants orange and white Nemo stripes….sheesh! Vinyl would be perfect!

  2. There are always some clever quotes that float around on the internet. I absolutely LOVE the D.M. Dellinger quote. I’ve actually never seen that one before and I’m definitely consider putting it up in my room. 

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