Then vs. Now: How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation

If you practice sex, practice it safe, experts say. While most parents would rather their teenagers not practice sex at all, they may be slightly more relieved to know that 81 percent of teenagers are practicing safe sex verses 55 percent of teenagers thirty years ago. Other than being more willing to use condoms, are teenagers different from thirty years ago?

The experts say yes. Teenagers have different sports stars, different movie stars, and different overall interests. Teenagers also listen to iPods and do not listen to their Walkman anymore. Most teenagers today would likely not even know what a Walkman is.

Have teenagers really changed that much, though? Is their inner DNA and genetic makeup that different? Because teenagers still like to avoid work and give their parents grief about certain household rules, it is quite possible that they are not that different. Parents, what do you think? Does a generation, 30 whole years, change what teenager is?


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