The Easiest Way to Straighten Ribbon Quickly

easy way to straighten ribbon quickly

Here’s a quick little tip for y’all and one that I use regularly now! If you’re like me and you tend to “collect” all sorts of ribbon, then you probably also run into the problem where it is constantly creased or wrinkled so badly you can’t use it right away for whatever project you’re working on.

Solution: keep a small hair straightener on hand. It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive one, you can get a small travel sized one from the drugstore that will work great. It will also be very portable if you attend crops or craft classes away from home.

Once your straightener has warmed up, simply pull your ribbon right through and voila! Beautiful straight ribbon in a snap!

easy way to straighten ribbon quickly

easy way to straighten ribbon quickly

easy way to straighten ribbon quickly

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