Free Valentine’s Day Photoshop Templates

Hurray for Freebie Fridays!! Here is a fabulous set of free photoshop templates for Valentine's Day. Both the girl and boy versions are included so you can make some cute photo Valentine's with these! … [Read more...]

Cookie Valentine Tutorial

Seriously, how adorable are these little heart cookies? This would make such a cute surprise for a loved one! This tutorial explains how to make these hearts out of gingerbread cookies, but I think … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Themed Party & Tutorial

How cute is this Valentine's themed party? I especially love the little owl cake! This would be a great idea for a party for all ages, and included in the tutorial is how to make heart shaped treat … [Read more...]

FREE Valentine’s Mad Libs for Kids Printables

I remember Mad Libs from when I was a kid - my friends and I had so much fun with them and so many laughs. They've actually come a long way since then and now there is so much more variety out there. … [Read more...]

Making a Heart Shaped Cake – Tutorial

When I came across this great tutorial, I just had to share it! Step by step instructions on how to easily make a heart shaped cake using only a square cake pan and a round cake pan. Love … [Read more...]

Clever and Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards & Gifts

My older kids are all passed the age of needing the Valentine's Day cards for their friends or classmates, and the babies are too little, but that doesn't stop me from stock piling ideas for when my … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Wedding Cakes

I love how romantic Valentine's Day can be, and I think a wedding on this most romantic day of the year is fabulous!  I especially love the idea that a Valentine's day wedding can use my favorite … [Read more...]