Summer Sleepover Invitation ~ Tutorial


This Tutorial includes products provided for review by Hot Off the Press –

These simple Summer Sleepover Invitations are a perfect way to spread the news of your party!  And they are so simple to make!

For these invitations, I used the Grapefruit Collection and the Build a Banner Template from Hot Off the Press.

Materials Needed:


Step One:  Trace & Cut out the Large Flag on your paper and on a contrasting paper, Trace & Cut out the Small Flag


Step Two: Using the Tiny Tags & Little Labels trace the Petite Pocket, (mark the folds too) & cut out

IMG_7859 IMG_7860

Step Three: Fold Edges of Petite Pocket and attach.

Step Four:  Attach Little Flag to Large Flag, then pocket on top of small flag


Step Five: Trace the Small Banner on a solid color piece of paper, cut out

Step Six:  Use the Well Preserved Stamps and your choice of ink, stamp your message on a solid piece of paper – now if you remember from my earlier post ( Pretty Little Purses ) – I don’t have my supplies with me, so I have to improvise with the stamp, and I attached it to a CD case and use a crayola marker for ink

IMG_7871 IMG_7874

Step Seven:  Attach your solid stamped piece of paper to back side of large flag


Step Eight:  Fill in your Party Details

Now for the little Pocket on the front of your invitation, you could stuff a little candy bar in there, a note, a movie ticket…. or make a little embellishment like I did:


To make this little pocket filler, I cut a rectangle piece of paper, an extra small flag and a little label.  I stamped the label with a GoodTimes stamp, glued it all together and added a little springy embellishment (directions for the how to on the springy piece is below)


To make the little Springey Embellishments:

Cut a small rectangle strip of paper, cut down 3/4 of the way four times:


Curl each strip by rolling down, Then attach to your project, and lay the curls how you want.


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