Summer {paper} Flower Garden Tutorial

Day 7 of National Craft Month Tutorials!

Summer {paper} Flower Garden tutorial


You will need:

– patterned paper cut into 4 x 4 squares

– popsicle sticks

– buttons or other embellishments

– scissors

– pencil


– Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas

– Claudine Hellmuth Studio matte multi medium & acrylic paints


1. Once you have your 4 x 4 squares of paper, freehand draw a flower shape onto the first sheet.



2. Cut your flower shape out, then trace onto another sheet that you want to be the back side of your flower. (they are reversible). Cut your second flower out.


3. Tape the popsicle stick to the inside on one of the flower pieces, then glue the two of them together.


4. I love using these clips to hold things together while I’m waiting for the adhesive to dry.


5. You may need to trim around some of the edges of your flowers, and you can go ahead and ink the edges now if you’d like to.



6. Another fun way of creating your flowers is by using Sticky Back Canvas sheets by Claudine Hellmuth Studio.


7. Do as you did in the first step and cut the sticky back canvas sheet into pieces measuring 4 x 4. Draw your flower shape with a pencil onto the canvas and cut the shapes out. (You can back them onto another piece of sticky back canvas or onto paper)


8. For the first flower I used a glaze. Mix a dollop of multi medium onto a non stick craft sheet and mix a bit of acrylic paint into it. Mix together and brush onto the flower shape. This will give it a nice glaze with color that is more sheer.



9. For the second flower, I used the acrylic paint directly from the jar – this gives it more coverage and more solid color.



10. The multi medium acts as a great adhesive! I used it here to glue the buttons down.


11. Go ahead and embellish your flowers any way you’d like. I really love incorporating vintage book paper in my projects lately, and of course, I still love buttons!



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  1. I just love these cute paper flowers! I am going to make them with my daughter this weekend! So much fun! Thanks for the inspirations!

  2. I love this tutorial!! is it OK if I mention and link to it from my blog?

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