Our Secret Tip for Moving Across Country

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We get asked all the time how we did it, how we moved our entire life to Florida from the midwest.  People are always interested in how much it cost, what steps did we take, and what tips we would recommend for those who want to pick up and move across the country to a new town.


First and foremost I tell everyone, it takes planning.  Unless you are financially independent or have a career that allows you to work from anywhere, planning is essential to make sure that you do your move in the best financial way possible.  For us, it was a little easier, as we are self employed and bloggers, so we have the opportunity to work from where ever we are.

We knew that packing up and moving down 3500 square feet of furniture and stuff would be extremely expensive.  So we made the decision that we would sell and give away as much furniture as possible, put most everything else in storage and only bring the essentials with us when we first moved here.  We knew we were traveling back home in 3 months and could bring down more “stuff” then.


After finding a house, we needed furniture and furnishing an entire house can be VERY expensive, but that is where my planning came into use.  We knew we could head to CORT Furniture Rental and their move-in ready packages were exactly what we were going to need with one additional bedroom package.

The convenience of CORT truly allowed us to save money by not having to move down a bunch of furniture.  I really believe that being able to rent furniture truly was the best decision we made during the whole relocating process.  Besides the ease, it was the most economical option for our family.

So there you go, our big secret on how we managed to do such a big move on a budget and with ease.


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