Origami Card

Supplies Needed:

6 – 2 inch circles of double sided pattern
2- 1 inch circles of solid cardstock (this is the stems of the flower)
scrap of white paper about 4×6
strong adhesive

for the card: cut solid cardstock 5×8 and fold it
coordinating pp or cardstock for the top of card 4 1/2 x 7 1/2
stamp- to use for sentiment on card

Step 1: take your puncher and punch 6- 2 inch circles

Step 3: 

Take all the circles and fold them in half

Then take one of the circles and the bottom side of circle (round side) and take one side and bring it to the middle and fold. It will look like a triangle. Then take other side and do the same thing (this one will overlap the other one)

Repeat this and do that to all the circles

Step 4:

Now take your white scrap of paper and glue your flower petals to the scrap and make a circle with them like this below

Step 5: cut around the flower from the scrap of paper

Step 6: Now we will be assembling the card

Take your 4 ½ x 7 ½ pp and adhere to the card ( this is your 5 x 8 card that has been folded in half) and add your ribbon to the bottom

Adhere the flower to the left side on top of the ribbon

Step 7: The leaves ( this is the 1 inch circle- I asked for two b/c If you want to do large leafs that use two but if you want small leaves than its only one)- I am using one for this card

Mark the circle with a pencil and draw half of a oval on each side

Then cut and ink it ( optional)

Add the leaves to your flower in anyway you like

Step 8: Add sentiment and card is finished

Just need to add sentiment and the card is finished



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