How to Move Safely During Hazardous Winter Months

Few things in life are as chaotic as moving an entire household. If you’re in one of the 39 states in the United States that sees below-freezing temps and snow during the winter, a “difficult move” has a whole different meaning. Staying organized and following these tips will see you and your family off in the safest of ways.

Your Weather App is Your Best Friend

There are some benefits to moving in the dead of winter. It’s generally the most inexpensive season of the year to plan to change houses as it’s off peak moving season; however, it’s essential to check the weather obsessively in the week leading up to your move. Try to schedule your moving day around a burst of warmer weather and preferably a time with no storms on the horizon. Don’t keep yourself stuck to a single day as changing weather conditions could make your move unsafe. Be willing to push back your move in case of dangerous conditions—moving a few days later is much less costly than putting yourself into a hazardous situation.

Keep Your Information Safe

Unfortunately, moving opens us up to a lot of unsatisfactory things, like identity theft and the loss of our possessions. Make sure you’re keeping yourself as safe as possible. If you’re moving into a rental, you’ll have to provide the landlord with your social security number and other private information. Keep that information protected no matter what time of the year you move by using a legitimate screening service that will give your landlord all the information they need while keeping your sensitive information private. Websites like will provide a host of benefits for both you and your landlord, so consider using a service like that before you send your sensitive social security number and other documents over to a complete stranger.

Have a Cache of Winter Supplies

Whether you’re moving across town or across state lines, make sure you’re prepared with snow gear and winter supplies when you make your move. In order to make your move as easy as possible in potentially icy and snowy conditions, keep tire chains, snow shovels, and ice picks on hand. When it comes to clothing, dress in layers so you can peel and put back on clothing as you work throughout the day. This will keep you protected from the cold but also give you the mobility you need to get your move done in record time.

Protect Your Flooring

Moving requires a lot of entering and exiting your home, and that means slush and winter water will be finding its way onto your flooring. This could cause some pretty bad damage to your home (whether it be the one you’re leaving or the one you’re moving to) and that could cost quite a pretty penny. Wet floors are slippery and could easily cause injury, so make sure you take precautions to protect your indoor flooring and keep your family, friends, and professional movers safe. Line the floor with cardboard, put piles of sheets and towels near every entry way, and remember to wipe down any moving equipment like carts before bringing them into the house. The outdoor “flooring” matters, too, if only for safety purposes. Spread salt on icy walkways, shovel the snow out of the way, or roll out an old carpet to make sure no one takes a tumble coming to and from the moving truck.

Hire Professionals

Winter comes with its many perils; from road conditions to lifting issues to slipping hazards, it might be in your best interest to leave the moving to the professionals during this time and hire a moving company. Get a quote from multiple movers and make sure you read reviews to ensure they’ll get the move done right while keeping your personal belongings safe and sound until they reach their destination.

Consider Liability Issues

If you’re hiring a moving company, check to see that they have an insurance policy in place from a company like The Horton Group before signing your name on the dotted line. Winter conditions mean icy pathways and the potential of dangerous accidents. Making sure your movers are covered (and your possessions) ensures that you won’t need to worry about any injuries or damages to your own property. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Moving in the winter comes with its share of worries, but it can be done safely and effectively by following these awesome tips.

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  1. Winter moving can definitely be tricky. I also recommend having a back up plan – Almost like a 2nd moving day. If treacherous conditions hit, it won’t be as bad of an impact!

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