How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats

So my mother-in-law called yesterday to ask me about my trick to get rid of fruit flies and gnats.  It seems that while she was canning tomatoes this last week these little pests invaded her home.  Awhile back when we lived in Omaha, I had a severe infest of fruit flies thanks to a bunch of bananas I bought.  I managed to get rid of all of them in two nights and she remembered this.

You see instead of using a bunch of sprays, or chemicals, I prefer to go as natural as possible.  So I grabbed my Apple Cider Vinegar, it HAS to be apple cider, liquid dish soap and a shallow dish.  Yup that’s all you need.How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers

When relaying this to my in-laws last night though, my Father-in-law was drinking a glass of wine, and he said something about his Wine Zin catching gnats.  So I told him it probably would.  It’s sweet with a strong smell. But I wasn’t sure if it would work as well as the Apple Cider Vinegar.

He decided to conduct a test…. Results from night one shared below.

Step One: Fill your shallow dish 3/4 way up with the Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers

Step Two:  Add a few drop of Liquid Dish Detergent

How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers

Step Three: Add running water, so bubble form on top.  Only fill with water until bubbles reach top of cup line.

How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers

Step Four:  set out to catch the fruit flies and gnats

Tips and Tricks:  Put out two or three bowls and put one of them in your sink don’t cover the drain, but near it.  As gnats and fruit flies like to breed in the dark moist areas in the kitchen.  Put another near your bread and the third near your fruit.

As for the Wine v. Apple Cider Vinegar test

Apple Cider Vinegar 6 – Wine 2

How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers How to Get Ride of Fruit Flies Overnight ~ Homeketeers

Why this works:  The Apple Cider Vinegar smells like decomposing fruit to these pests, so it attracts them.  The dish soap makes a film on the surface of the vinegar, making a coating on the gnats and fruits flies feet, and the bubbles you made left a layer of soap along the edges of your bowl.  These little pests can not climb back out because of the soap and sadly have to drown…..


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  1. jennie sanderson @jenpsht says:

    ahh great tip! We always have fruitflies too many fresh fruits in this house! I will have to try this soon! Thanks again!

  2. My FF trap is nearly the same–put a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup, add 4 T. water Stretch plastic wrap tightly over the top, poke 4 or 5 holes in it with a fork or round tooth pick. Set as above. They find their way in, can’t get out. Your trap will fill up!
    If you have a terrible invasion, move your garbage can or whatever is attracting them outside to a porch. In a few hours they will all be on the porch! Spray the can with a small amount of insect spray, or just spray ? starch, tie the bag shut and get it to the trash. Also check out your houseplants, as they breed in the wet soil. You may have to set them outside for awhile or put traps near them.
    Use your humming bird feeders near your home to attract the birds as these little pests are their favorite food!

  3. ooowee !! i will try this one cause i cant stand flies or their little friends!!and here in texas we get plenty!! Thank you so much for the tip!

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