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With moving season upon us, odds are that you are going to be invited to a lot of housewarming parties over the next few months. Picking out a housewarming gift can be really tough. Especially if the couple or family moving has been living together for a long time they likely already have all the essentials and appliances that they need. How can you pick out a gift that they will actually appreciate and maybe even use?

If you are looking to put an interesting twist on your next housewarming gift take a look at this new infographic from The infographic explores housewarming traditions and traditional gifts from all over the world. For example, in Berlin, Germany, it is traditional to give a rooster to your new neighbors as a way to ward off unwanted trespassers. While an actual rooster may not be an appropriate gift for you, a small sculptor or painting may do the trick.

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  1. LOL I haven’t had our house warming party yet but all I can say is I’d rather a Hen so at least I can get an egg a day HAHAHAHAAH.

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