Give Your Wedding Guests The Gift Of Good Will

Many engaged couples are choosing to forgo traditional wedding favors like matchbooks or candy, opting instead to donate their resources to a cause that is important to them. With so many people feeling a personal connection to widespread diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis and diabetes, health-related philanthropic donations are among the most popular choices for brides and grooms. If you’re considering a donation in lieu of favors, read on to learn five classy and creative ways to do it.

american-cancer-society-wedding-scrolls-3.previewAmerican Cancer Society Wedding Scrolls

Due to the popularity of couples donating to the American Cancer Society in honor of a loved one prior to their wedding, the ACS has developed a special wedding scroll to be placed on reception tables for guests to read. The scrolls are completely customizable, so you can use them to explain your donation and to tell the story of the lost loved one or cancer survivor you’ve chosen to honor.

American Diabetes Association Bookmarks


Diabetes is a widespread illness, and the American Diabetes Association encourages couples to donate to this important cause while still providing favors for guests. When you make a wedding donation the American Diabetes Association, they provide bookmarks for your guests that tell the story of your donation, share important information and encourage greater awareness of diabetes. Couples get the peace of mind that comes with making a donation, along with the added benefit of spreading awareness of a heartfelt cause.

Fearless MS Campaign


The Fearless MS Campaign was launched in 2012 by a celebrated photographer, a supermodel, a make-up artist and a film producer, all of who have been personally touched by multiple sclerosis. The campaign encourages all of us to raise awareness of this disease and to celebrate people living bravely with it every day, making the Fearless MS Campaign an excellent philanthropic cause for couples who consider MS awareness a personal cause.

World Vision Hygiene Kits

World Vision is a non-profit organization that provides hygiene kits to children and families suffering from poverty and natural disasters across the globe. These kits help prevent the spread of disease and include a message of hope from you, the sender. Since many couples ask their bridal parties to help assemble wedding favors, why not ask them to help assemble hygiene kits instead? It’s a great bonding experience and benefits a good cause at the same time.

Cause Contest

If you’d like to incorporate your philanthropic donation into the day’s events, consider adding a fun element that draws attention and awareness to your cause, but does so in a way that also adds a bit of fun. For example, the bride and groom may each choose a separate cause that they feel strongly about, and then participate in a limbo contest on the dance floor to determine which cause will get the couple’s joint donation.

No matter what form your philanthropic wedding donation takes, your loved ones and wedding guests will appreciate your generosity. Who knows, you many even inspire someone to make a gift of their own.


Pediatric nurses Duane and Lori Miller feel so connected to the patients they serve they decided to honor them at their recent wedding through a gift to the children’s hospital they both are employed by.  Totally dedicated to their life’s work, they have also co-authored an article at Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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