Football Field Dip with Solo Squared Plates – Perfect for Tailgating

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It is football season, college football season, no, it is Husker season in my house. With Husker football comes tailgating and with tailgating comes me in the kitchen. This is a good thing and a not so good thing. While I love to cook, I HATE to do dishes and when you are putting together a table of goodies, there is always dishes. Well almost always. That is where Solo comes in. Solo plates and cups save me from having to wash a bunch of dishes and lets me enjoy the food I made and the game with family and friends.

Football Field Dip with Solo Squared Plates - Perfect for Tailgating

I find that when creating a spread for tailgating a couple things are imperative, quick recipes to make, taste factor and variety. I try for salty, hearty, sweet and at least one thing on the spicy side. I find that everyone is satisfied if I keep it simple and stick to those taste pallets.

For this weekends Nebraska Husker’s game I decided on Jalalpeno Roll Ups (spicy), Keilbasa Sausage and Pineapple (hearty & sweet) and a Football Field Dip (salty). I also had cookies and gumdrops for the kiddos. To prep and cook all three of these recipes takes less than an hour.

Football Field Dip with Solo Squared Plates - Perfect for Tailgating

Jalapeno Roll Ups recipe can be found here. This is a go to appetizer in my house. Four ingredients and SUPER easy to make. While these are cooking, I started on the Keilbasa Sausage and Pineapples.

To make the Kielbasa Sausages and Pineapples all you need to do is cut the sausage into bite size chunks. Then put in casserole dish with a can of chunk pineapple. Pour the juices from the pineapple into a bowl with: 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce, 4T honey, 4T Sweet Chili Sauce (oriental food aisle). Stir all together until everything is well mixed, pour over sausages and pineapple. Put in 425 degree oven for 15 minutes or until you have a nice crisp to the top layer. Strain and place on a Solo Squared Plate (seriously these plates are heavy duty and can take the heat as well as the weight and this is less one dish you have to wash!)

While the sausages and pineapple are cooking, start on your football field.

Football Field Dip with Solo Squared Plates - Perfect for Tailgating

You will need one Solo Squared Plate for each field you want to make. Guacamole, now you can make your own, or I use Wholly Guacamole, the 8oz size is the perfect size for one plate. Your favorite salsa, cheese dip and sour cream.

Football Field Dip with Solo Squared Plates - Perfect for Tailgating

Using the Guacamole, make a rectangle in the middle of the plate, next add salsa to one end zone, then cheese to the next. Lastly you will want to put sour cream into a baggie, close and snip a TINY piece of the corner. Now using the sour cream baggie, pipe lines onto the field.

Optional – using food coloring, make your sour cream your team’s colors and add their logo.

Tailgating with SOLO® a not only makes cleanup a breeze but for us, we can keep everything to Husker red and show our team spirit.

Get other great ideas on using SOLO brand products for your next tailgating party from SOLO’s Pinterest page.

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