Embossed “Metal” tutorial

I’d like to share a really neat technique for making your own Embossed “Metal” look on your paper projects.

First you need the following supplies:

A Tag or Card stock (I was making “Twinchies” 2×2 so I used thin chipboard), heavy duty aluminum foil, adhesive, your favorite embossing folder & embossing machine, +/- Alcohol inks.

Choose your embossing folder you would like to use.

Coat your tag or card stock in adhesive an lay it on aluminum foil on the dull side.


Fold the foil around to the back of your project and adhere down.

Run your project through your embossing folder/machine.

Since mine were only 2×2 I made a few and lined them up and ran them through the folder all at the same time.


Now you’re finished unless you want to distress the look with alcohol inks.

Here is my finished “Twinchie”.  I used a mix of alcohol inks to give mine that weathered metal look.




  1. Maureen Bosch says:

    What a great idea !!!!! I love it….and I’m going to try it. How simple and looks beautiful.

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