Easy Paper Scrap Garland Tutorial

You’ve probably seen photos of them all over the place, Paper Garlands are all the rage right now. They are the perfect touch to add some flair to parties, baby nurseries and even just to your living room. I made this one using scraps of paper and the entire project took under 10 minutes! Quick and easy and I love the outcome!

What you need:

– Scraps of patterned paper

– A paper punch (circle, scalloped circle or starburst works best)

– Sewing Machine & thread


Step 1:

Select which size and shape of punch you want to use and punch the shapes out of your paper. Depending on how long you want to make your garland you will need anywhere from 80-200 shapes. I used about 85 on my garland and it is approximately 6 feet long.


Step 2:

Leaving about 5 -6 inches of thread pulled out, line up your first couple shapes and stitch them down the very center using your sewing machine. Go slow and have your next shape lined up ready to be stitched immediately after and so on. You want to keep your shapes almost touching each other but not overlapping. Continue slowly until all your shapes are stitched together in one long string. Then leave another 6 inches of thread off the opposite end.


Step 3:

Tie a loop in the thread and knot it on either end of the garland.


Now go find somewhere to hang it! :)

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