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Since we are going to be moving in a few short months to a temporary location for 6 months then off to Colorado for our permanent home, I have started dreaming of my what my office/craft room will be.  Since I like to make things, I am now obessed with Ana White her site is chalked full of free plans to build anything for your house.  Her craft table and cubbies are perfect for what I want.  So yes I will be making my new office when we land in our home in Co.  For now I dream and collect inspirations for the perfect Craft Room and Office… I am not doing this in our traditional gallery style as I want to be sure that you know where to find these amazing craft rooms!

craft room
craft roomcraft roomcraft roomcraft roomcraft roomcraft roomcraft room



About Aunesty Janssen

I am Aunesty Janssen, a mom who is a huge Disney Addict. I have 6 amazing kids, 21 down to 2. With my oldest daughter in CO working for Wells Fargo, my eldest son in the Army, my middle daughter attending college {& a WDW CM}, my middle son a Junior in high school and my two toddlers, the three year old boy, Carson, who is on the Autism Spectrum and Courtney, my large personality two year old.

I love crafts, blogging, baking and spending time with my family.

When I am online, I am usually writing a blog post, or talking on Facebook. You can find me on Aunesty.com, AunestyJanssen.com or Temporary Tourist and few more...

"Even miracles take a little time." - The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella


  1. OMG these rooms are AMAZING!!!!!! If we get to buy our own place I MAY actually have use of this inspiration……  yahoo can’t wait.  I already told the hubby if we get approved for a mortgage we need a three bedroom so we have a room for my scrap stuff HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  2. Maria Esther Gonzalez says:

    Hi Aunesty I love the theme of Cinderella for a long time I had something in my mind Ilove doing craft shadow boxes favors for all ocasions I like to paint ceramic and I will like to decorade one of my craft room like I was inside cinderella Palace I want a Chanderlier I already a few things for the decorations but no one give idea how to start doing this room I have in my loft but my husband has his computer and his things I will like you give sugestion and picture how i can do the room project. Thank you Maria

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