Disney Vacation Countdown Calendar Style

IMG_2487We decided that there may be a large number of you that don’t have a laminator at home, (which I HIGHLY recommend investing in one,  I personally recommend the Swingline Laminator) we would make a Disney Vacation Countdown Calendar style for you.


First, you will need to download and print the Disney Vacation Countdown Printable

Next, print enough sheets to match your number of days left.

Third, Write your Numbers in the Mickey Head (or have a child write the number each morning after removing the previous days number)

Fourth, Punch Two Hole in the top of each page, or if you would rather attach all together with a stapler, you can do that as well.

Five, Put it together like in the pictures or how ever works best for.

Another idea, is to put one of these sheets into a picture frame and use a dry erase marker to change the countdown.



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