Did You Know ~ How to Open a Can withOUT a Can Opener

Lately I have been searching online for Camping, Survival and Emergency Preparedness ideas.  Well one day a few months ago, I happened upon a neat little trick that I HAD to try out.  Did you know that in case of an emergency you can open a can without a can opener?  I am serious, a canned food item is completely capable of being opened without using a can opener.

How to open a can without a Can Opener ~ #EmergencyPreparedness #Survival #Camping

What you need to know and have in order to open a can without an opener:

Which is the top of the Can

Look for edge that has a folded over lip.  This is the top of the can.

How to open a can without a Can Opener ~ #EmergencyPreparedness #Survival #Camping

What you need:

A rough surface (concrete sidewalk works great) and a thin sturdy “thing” – a knife or MacGyver tool to peel the top off.

How to remove the top off a can without a can opener:

Step One:  Turn can upside down, and rub it hard on a rough surface

How to open a can without a Can Opener ~ #EmergencyPreparedness #Survival #Camping

Step Two:  Using your tool poke into the crevice and peel top off

Confused? Watch the video below to see how to do it.  (I have no make up on, and it isn’t the best quality, but you will see how to do this)

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  1. Cool tip but would have loved to see the look on the neighbours faces heehee.

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