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scrapbook wall

My office scrapbook wall

Today I want to show you how I created an easy-to-update feature wall to display scrapbook pages! It’s even budget friendly!

I started by purchasing two curtain rods (on sale, of course!).  They dont need to be fancy or expensive, but you have to like how they look.  For a really inexpensive alternative you could try using painted PVC pipe from the hardware store instead!  Measure them out and hang them with at least 15″ in between each rod.  Then gather some empty page protectors and use either ribbon, twine, or s-hooks (from the hardware store) to hang them with the openings on the left side.  I used black ribbon to match my curtain rods, and looped with with a glue dot to keep it together. You could tie bows instead.  I have had to tape a few ribbons back into place occassionally.  Insert your scrapbook pages or photos, and voila!!  A beautiful display wall that is super easy to change out whenever you want!  I also put in some 12×12 chipboard sheets behind each page to help keep them from curling.

This could easily be converted to a photo disply, using 12×12 photos or alternate sized page protectors for a mix-and-match display.   Or, if you have a taller area you want to fill, try 3 layers!

Supply list:

  • Curtain rods (or PVC pipe and hangers)
  • Empty page protectors (9-15)
  • chip board
  • ribbon, twine, or S-hooks

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed….and I would love to hear of your scrapbook display projects!

Melissa 🙂

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  1. this looks great! i bought something like this from Ikea to do this, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it… this almost inspires me to get on it! lol

  2. Love this idea.  Loved it so much I’m considering doing this in my new scrap space and I shared it on facebook *wink*

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