Birthstones a Personal Choice – Infographic

Jewelry is type of gift that is easily appreciated by almost anybody. Wonderful pieces range from the most expensive to cheaper diamond alternatives such as Cubic Zirconia: Yes, there are cheaper alternative jewelry too. Contrary to popular belief, there are cheap jewelry and accessories that anyone can get their hands on without much difficulty. Folks can also customize the jewelry to lower its price – for example, they can choose to pick a cheaper band for a ring or necklace. But what’s really important with jewelry is its gem – the centerpiece and main attraction of a wonderful piece. It is because of the gem that an accessory is considered luxurious and elegant. Whether a gem is cheap or not, the stone itself makes the entire piece beautiful. Buyers, as well as jewelers don’t limit themselves to using just one gem because of this. Gift-givers usually change the gem depending on the receiver’s birthstone – gems that represents a person’s month of birth. Aside from months, these stones also represent someone’s personality. To find out more, check out this infographic made by

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